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    febrero 26, 2019
    So, what do women want in communication? Mansplaining is not it. We have to recognize that all people have a desire to have a voice. We have to recognize that all people want their thoughts and feelings acknowledged and validated. One of the most common struggles that men have in communication is...
    noviembre 12, 2018
    Would you like to know more about having hot, steamy, passionate, monogamous sex with your spouse?  I have worked with couples for years now and I have come to realize that intimacy issues are some of the biggest challenges in relationships. Have you ever wondered why that is? We are programmed...
    septiembre 18, 2018 · Parenting
    Okay, time for some self-disclosure. I am the father of 3 lovely children. They really are great kids and I truly am blessed. However, they are still kids. Let me set the stage. My 3 kids are age 8, 6, and 3. All of them have chores to do because we want to teach them the value of working hard...
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